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Avail Utmost Satisfaction Procuring Our Classy Range of Cage Hanging Lights, Ceramic Hanging Lights, Decorative Hanging Lights, Fabric Hanging Lights, Glass Hanging Lights & Many More.

About Us

We, Vlux Energy Private Limited are engaged in the innovation of unique & ultramodern Hanging Lights for decoration. Our complete concentration is upon designing and production of trendy, classy as well as highly efficient lighting products. Being a manufacturer, we tend to provide a quality in products and services that can potentially exceed every single expectations of the customers. Our offered product line encompasses Ceramic Hanging Lights, Cage Hanging Lights, Fabric Hanging Lights, Decorative Hanging Lights, Glass Hanging Lights and various other items. Designed by our talented employees and manufactured by our skilled engineers, our offerings are earning compliments & praises from customers nationwide. 

Also, as a service provider, we are providing highly reliable Shipping Services and Powder Coating Services. Our mission to deliver high end customers satisfaction is helping us in gaining client trust & loyalty with time. With this, we are making our strong presence in the market. A wide number of customers vouch for the quality of our work, and that is how our network is getting bigger and stronger every single day.

In our journey of a couple of years only, we have built a respectful status in the industry. We have started generating high revenue in this period. Utilizing the same, our firm is gaining financial strength to tackle big challenges in an effective manner. 

Our Policies

The policies that help in sustaining high growth of a company are being followed by us. These policies are: 

  • Quality driven production as per latest technology
  • Budget friendly prices of our highly preferable products
  • Customer satisfaction and retention with effective approaches
  • Commitment towards scheduled production and servicing 

Our Influences

We are bringing highly innovative lighting products for decoration at homes, cafes, public places, hotels, etc. Our influences come from various online and offline sources as we remain up to date with latest trends and popular products amongst customers. Our designers, engineers and other employees work together to manufacture A-class Glass Hanging Lights, Ceramic Hanging Lights, Fabric Hanging Lights, Decorative Hanging Lights, Cage Hanging Lights, etc., and deliver an enhanced experience to the respective customers. Furthermore, our designers produce original products to maintain required integrity & authenticity in this competitive domain.

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